FRM--5-Station high speed automatic molding machine
 TBM--2-Station high speed automatic molding machine
 Cold Box Core-making Machine, Sand Mixer, Gas Generator, Scrubber TANK
 CD Coil-Dump type Shell Mold Machines
 Z95 series shell core machine
 Z94 series vertical parted core shoot machine
 ZH series horizontal parted core shooting machine
 Gravity casting machine, low pressure casting machine
 Dies designed and processed with CAD、CAM、CNC
ZH series horizontal parted core shooting machine  

The company is responsible for designing and manufacturing complete dies. Users can take qualified core as acceptable quality level.






· With a four horizontally parted high and low guide pillars die and a loose core device set in horizontal direction, the machine is applicable to bigger and complicated thin wall cores,  such as water jacket cores of cylinder cover and cylinder body of the engine
· Core lift device is set up and down, the up core lift ensures a core remaining in the mould  and the core truck begins to receive cores automatically after the down core lift is lift out
· The core shooter box makes straight movement and added sand with a fixed quantity automatically
· Specially designed core shooter orifice, no phenomena of sand leak and blast, a inserted  core shooter orifice can be designed according to the features of the core
· Electric or gas heating forms are optional
· By adopting big flow, low pressure and instantaneously core shooting process to ensure  the completeness of the core and improve die life
· Main dynamics of the complete machine adopts hydraulic drive to make the operation stable and reliable
· Controlled by imported programmable controller with spot movement, single cycle automatic and full automatic functions. Main control elements of the machine, no-contact limit switch and relays used are brands of OMRON, FUJI and MITSUBISHI of Japan or SIEMENS of Germany as well as products imported from CKD, SMC, NOK and NTN to ensure the operational stability and reliability of the machine
· Parameters of core shoot time and cure time for core making can be adjusted and set automatically in accordance with coremaking requirements
· Special die replacement truck, core truck and die cleaning device are provided  

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